Anneleen Rasquin



Intake session

A good psychologist is someone you feel comfortable talking to. Are you a student? An employee or looking for a job? Single or married? Come by and find out if she's the right psychologist for you during an intake session.

We'll try to schedule an appointment
as soon as possible

Due to flexible scheduling you won't have to wait long to get an appointment. Contact Anneleen in the way that suits you best: by phone, by e-mail, by chat or Skype.

Nederlandstalige sessies mogelijk

Ga naar de Nederlandstalige webpagina voor info over de sessies.

Registered psychologist by the commission
of psychologists

Anneleen graduated as a Master in Clinical Psychology at the University of Leuven in 2009. She treats people with anxiety, stress, depression, etc....

Online setting for remote sessions

You don't even have to leave the house for a session. Anneleen has an online practice that you can visit using Skype or Google Talk.